Dahi is a fermented dairy product having therapeutic nutritional qualities. Commercially it may be made from all type of market milk. Traditionally it is made in a very simple way in all household across the country. Dahi is a rich source of protein, vitamin B1, B2, B3 and calcium required for nutritional requirements for our body.

The product improves our digestion system when ever taken with food/meal. It is widely consumed along with various food preparations in meals. Dahi is used for making products like Lassi which is used for making Kadhi which is very popular and consumed all over in our country.

Product Specification
Common Name


Type of packing 170 gm, 200 gm, 350 gm in cup packing 200 gm, 500 gm, 1 Kg in poly Pack 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 15 Kg Commercial Pack in Poly Jar.
Shelf life Five days when stored under refrigeration.
Labelling Date of manufacturing, MRP, nutritional value, Batch Number and Use by date.
Special instruction Storage continuously below 5˚C for the mentioned shelf like.

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