Dairy Over View

Insulation sheets for shed- roofs from Israel, long blade fans from Italy, cooling pads from China, Mixed ration machine and body brush Sweden, and technology from Wisconsin, USA has been adapted to Indian conditions. This is the multinational look of the 'Lakshya Dairy' established in 2009 in Bohatwala village in the district Jind by Baljit Singh Redhu, a Local resident of the village. In this dairy, every work related to the cattle from feeding them to milking is done with machines.

The Dairy is set up on high commercial principal having Hi-Tech and complete automatic machines including Milk Parlour, TMR with a very noble cause and aim to getting its consumers the hygienic, pure and the finest quality milk products rich in natural aroma and taste. Our team of professionals give highest priority to matters regarding Cattle health, disease control, comfort, balanced and timely nutrition and strictly compliance to quarantine norms.

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