Pasteurized Market Milk

Pasteurized packed milk refers to the market milk (City Supply) dispatched in the form of stock keeping unit in various pack size in pouches of 1/2 liter, 1 liter and 5 liter like Full Cream Milk, Standardized milk, Toned milk, Double toned milk, Skim milk with the brand name Lakshya. Milk is itself a complete food for the consumer needs of nutrition- fat, protein, minerals and vitamins.

Product Specification
Common Name

Pasteurized Market Milk.

Type of packing Half liter (Poly-pouch), one liter (Poly-pouch) and 5 Ltr (Poly- pouch) consumer pack.
Shelf life Two days when stored under refrigeration
Labelling Date of manufacturing, MRP, nutritional value, Batch Number and Use by date.
Special instruction Storage continuously below 5˚C for the mentioned shelf like.

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